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Catherine Bell

I have been a huge fan of hers since I started watching JAG. I started writing her in 2012 and have sent many letters but have not heard back. Then I got an old envelope and opened it up and found this:

I am absolutely thrilled!


Dallas FanDays 2018

Dallas FanDays 2018 was a absolutely awesome con.  I went to meet Star Trek’s Karl Urban.  So that’s what I did.


This location was where I attended my first con so I knew the building and was much more confident that in the April con–which was crazy and really discouraged me.  But when Karl Urban was announced, I knew I had to try to make it.  I watched for a while to see if he backed out.  I was REALLY nervous the last week, watching Facebook each day to see if he canceled.  And the week ended and he was still coming so here I came!


Saturday morning I headed to the con with my family.  When we got there, I went straight to his line to wait.  It was MUCH less time that I was expecting and I got to visit with great people in line.


Yes, I did fangirl a bit when I got to the front, but I told him I loved the “all I have left is my bones” quote from the first film–one of my all time favorite lines–so he offered to put it on my photo (which is what I had in mind, but wasn’t sure about asking for an inscription.)


I have wanted Karl Urban to sign this photo for a long time–now I have ALL the main Star Trek cast’s autograph and all but Chris Pine are on these Star Trek promo photo.

Definitely made my day.  I had been so focused on getting Karl that I really hadn’t planned on anything else so the rest of the day was a bonus


I also got to meet Kristy Swanson and ask her about her character on the TV show Psych.

Kristy Swanson

My parents bought me a photo op with Kevin Sorbo for my birthday and I had a minute to say I loved his films before I had to move on.  I did wish I stopped by his booth to visit, but I felt bad that I didn’t want to purchase an autograph.  I sent him a fan letter years ago and he sent an AWESOME response but looking back at yesterday I wish I had taken the time to meet him just so I could talk a few minutes about his roles that I loved.

He was my favorite character in Soul Surfer–he is the adult with the character of Bethany when she was bit by a shark and he had to get her to shore, start first aid and meet the ambulance as they are way out from the city.  Yep, I really wish I had met him instead of going to some of the Q&As.  Live and learn.  🙂

Dallas Fan Days 2017

This is the second Con I attended and it was much more busier than I expected.  I guess with the guest list they had (Mark Hamill, Stan Lee, Doctor Who cast: John Barrowman, Catherine Tate, etc)  I should have known.


I had missed that Katrina Law would be replacing an Arrow cast member who couldn’t come so when I saw her name I did go a bit fan girl on it.  She was so energetic and came charging in after we had been waiting a few minutes.  She thanked those waiting in line and came down the line giving us a high five before heading back to her desk.

I told her how much I loved her Hallmark movie Snow Bride and she told me some behind the scenes on it.

FanDays 2017

I was so excited to meet Ali Hillis.  I loved her in The Ultimate Gift and have seen her in many other roles and it is always nice to see her.

FanDays 2017

Dallas FanDays 2017


I wasn’t sure about getting a photo with Stan Lee since this was advertised as his last visit to Texas, but I decided to go ahead and do it.  There was no time to talk so a little miffed about that, some people visit a moment before taking the photo but I now have a photo to remember the day.


Nice day, a little long but good day.

2016 update

I have tried to keep the scans part of my site up to date, but that is hard enough and I have just realized I haven’t made an autograph collecting post in a while!


Recent replies include a pre print from Eric Bana and Benedict Cumberbatch

Ruth Negga from Agents of Shield

Natalie Dormer from Elementary and Game of Thrones

Jennifer Morrison

Kristen Bell from Frozen

and Hayley Atwell from Captain America, Agent Carter and Cinderella.


Have sent a bunch out that I hope come back signed promptly.  This hobby is fun but can also be tough when it seems that no one wants to respond to my letters!

Photography book contest

Here is a contest to enter to win a free book of wildlife photos. I real enjoy reading the photographer’s posts on Facebook and seeing the photos he has taken. Enter if you’d like a chance to win the book.



Try Shutterfly! They have sales quite often and the quality is great!



I really like photography:

Local wedding photographers
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